Strictly prohibited to use music / audio equipment on campsite territory at ALL times !!!

Camping Rules

Camping and holiday resort “Pusele” rules

  • Tourists are admitted from 8.00 until 22.00.

  • Arrival is from 15.00. Departure until 13.00 (from houses)

  • If you decided to extend your stay in Camping and Holiday Resort “Pusele”, you must inform administration/receptionist until 12.00

  • Parents (people who take care of children) are responsible for their children safety and behavior during their stay on the campsite

  • Motor vehicle speed cannot exceed 10km/h on the campsite

  • People who are visiting camping guests must follow campsite rules

  • Houses should be left clean. In case of stolen, broken or missing inventory the fee is applied accordingly after investigation

  • If house is left unclean, fee is applied 15 EUR

  • Follow fire safety rules, follow safety guidelines with water vehicles, and DO NOT cross buoys othervice you will be violating country’s migration law

Strictly prohibited on campsite territory !!!

  • Use music / audio equipment on the campsite at ALL times

  • Start camp fire/bonfire in NON designated places

  • Litter campsite territory or make damage to the nature

  • Lead dogs unleashed in a rest zone or swim with them on a public beach

  • Make noise or distract other tourists

Dear Tourists,

We ask you to respect everyones rest and tranquility being tolerant and reasonable.

Tourists who are warned 2 times for rule violations are checked out from Camping and Holiday Resort “Pusele” without a right to return their payment for houses or services.

TELEPHONE NUMBER: +370 611 51121