Museum “Iron Fantasy”


After visiting our museum “Iron Fantasy” you will have a great opportunity to see unique exhibits made from iron parts that were supposed to be processed or destroyed. You will see more than 800 exhibits in the museum and the number of exhibits is growing every year. Iron Fantasy collection is very diverse and consisting exhibits from flora and fauna world or even improvisations of the modern world. Darius Renaldas Dulinskas put great contribution to these masterpieces. It is especially important to distinguish a wood carver Povilas Penkaitis who decorated the museum with more than 50 exhibits made from oak. “Iron Fantasy” exhibits make Camping and Holiday Resort “Pusele” an integral part of the resort as all of the exhibits are all over the place. These unique masterpieces will surround you during your pleasant stay at the holiday resort.

We will be waiting for your visit!


2 EUR/person

15 EUR for a guided tour


Metalo fantazija is the member of Lithuanian Association of Museums.